100 Classic Hikes of the Northeast
By: Jared Gange

The classic hikes from the Catskills, the Adirondaks, the White Mtns. of NH, the Corean Mtns. of Vermont, Mt. Katahdin, Acadia National Park and other areas of Maine.
296 pages in length
Measures 5" wide and 7" tall
123 Photos and 23 Maps
1st edition
ISBN 1-886064-14-8
Hike Locations Overview

These images when enlarged will show you the locations of the 100 hikes included in the book.
The map on the left shows hike locations for NY, CT, MA, NH and VT while the map on the right shows hike locations for Maine.
Sample Map

This is 1 of 23 maps in the book. All the maps are the same format and this will give you an idea of the look and design of the maps.
Sample Hike from New Hampshire

Typical page spread from "100 Classic Hikes in the Northeast". With 123 photos and 23 maps in 296 pages, almost all 2- page spread from the book will contain either a map or photo. The photos are specific to the hike on that page.

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